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Instructions Following Dental Extractions

1. KEEP inserted piece of gauze in your mouth under pressure for half hour and then spit it out.

2. DIET:

A. Nothing by mouth for the next two hours.

B. After that, liquid and cold diet for the next 24 hours.

C: After 24 hours, eat whatever you can tolerate.

3. SMOKING: No smoking for at least 24 hours after extraction.

4. NO spitting or sucking for at least 24 hours after extraction.

5. COLD APPLICATION: Place an ice bag/cold pack outside your face near the site of extraction. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes. Repeat for at least 4 hours.

6. PAIN: Take 2 Motrin & 1 Tylenol every 6 hours if needed for pain.

7. SPECIAL DRUGS: If you are prescribed any special drug, please take as directed (Ex: Antibiotics, pain killers, etc.).

8. Some pain, bleeding and swelling is normal after an extraction and should not cause alarm.

9. In case of any other complications, please call our office.