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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Holyoke, MA?

February 18, 2021

Do you want whiter teeth? Maybe you’ve noticed when you look in the mirror or see pictures of yourself that your teeth are looking a little dull or discolored. This is completely normal. Teeth yellow over time due to the things we eat and drink or other habits like smoking. 

There are a variety of teeth whitening products available in stores that offer a range of results. However, you will get the best results from professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist. 

How much does professional teeth whitening treatment cost? Here’s a general idea of what you can expect.

Average Cost of Teeth Whitening at the Dentist’s Office

If you inquire about teeth whitening treatment at your dentist’s office, you will likely be quoted something around $500. Some treatments may cost more, some less. Store bought products like white strips and gels will cost less than $100, but the results are not as dramatic and may not last as long. 

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

You may be wondering if there are any advantages to paying for professional teeth whitening at your dentist’s office rather than trying over the counter products. Advantages include:

  • Better results. Over the counter products you buy at the pharmacy simply don’t whiten your teeth as well as professional strength whitening treatments. Your dentist’s whitening product will get your teeth multiple shades whiter. 
  • Longer lasting results. The results of professional whitening treatments last longer than the results of over the counter products. You may think you’re saving money buying the less expensive products, but when you have to buy them repeatedly to keep refreshing your results, you won’t actually save any money and you’ll definitely waste more time. 
  • Fewer side effects. Side effects of whitening products are usually minimal, including sensitive teeth and gum irritation. Professional whitening products are designed to be less harsh, yet more effective. 
  • Customizable. Have you ever seen someone’s teeth that are too white? Sometimes over-whitening can look fake. Your dentist can customize your whitening treatment to help you achieve natural results that are just right for you. 
  • Comfort. When you pay for whitening treatment at your dentist’s office, the price includes custom-made trays that fit your teeth. These are more comfortable to wear while whitening your teeth than the trays you purchase from the store. 

Professional Strength Whitening Treatment at Home

Do you want professional results, but prefer to whiten your teeth at home? Many professional whitening treatments have a take-home version that can be used in place of a treatment in the dentist’s office. The take-home treatment can also be used in between treatments in the office to help maintain your results.

Oakdale Dental Offers the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

Opalescence Boost whitening treatment is one of the top products used by dental practices. Oakdale Dental provides this product both in the office and in a take-home version. We have seen the amazing results in many of our patients who are highly satisfied with the product. In a single appointment, your teeth can be whiter than they would be after weeks of using an over the counter treatment. 

Are you ready to see the results for yourself? Call 413-536-1782 today to schedule a consultation or request an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve a brighter, whiter smile. 


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