How Do You Know If You Need A Crown?

Are you experiencing discomfort in your teeth?

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth?

Are you worried about the appearance of your teeth?

 If so, it’s time to consider a dental crown. Dental crowns are a great way to protect, restore, and enhance the look of your teeth. They improve the function and appearance of your teeth and provide strength and stability.

Knowing when to get a dental crown is important, as it can help prevent the need for more extensive and costly treatments in the future. In this article, we'll discuss the signs to watch out for that indicate it's time to get a dental crown. We'll also explore the advantages of dental crowns and how they can help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

Signs You Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown may be necessary if a tooth is significantly damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired with a filling or other conservative treatment. Crowns are also used to restore the appearance of a tooth that is discolored or misshapen or to hold a dental bridge in place.

Additionally, a crown is recommended to protect a weak tooth from breaking or to cover a dental implant. A dentist will typically examine a patient's tooth, take X-rays, and may also do other diagnostic tests to determine if a crown is necessary.

Before you make the decision to get a dental crown, it is important to take note of certain signs so you can make an informed decision.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns will benefit you because they can help to prevent or treat a variety of dental problems. If you have a dental crown, you can expect to see a reduction in tooth sensitivity and pain.

A dental crown helps to reduce the amount of gum and tooth decay. If you have a crown placed on a tooth that is broken or cracked, it helps to repair the tooth and prevent it from spreading.

If you require a dental crown, you can also expect to see an improvement in the appearance of your teeth. A dental crown is designed to look like your natural tooth, so there will be minimal difference in appearance. It can also help to prevent teeth from shifting and moving out of alignment.

How Dental Crowns Can Help Maintain a Healthy & Attractive Smile

Dental crowns benefit your overall oral health and appearance. If you have a dental crown, you can expect to see an improvement in the overall condition of your teeth.

It helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and also improves the appearance of your smile. If you have a dental crown, it will be very difficult for others to notice. A crown helps to repair and restore teeth that are broken or have large fillings.

Dental crowns are highly durable, so they can last a very long time. Some dental crowns can even last decades. If you have a crown, it also helps prevent the need for more extensive and costly treatments in the future.

Dental Crowns in Holyoke, MA

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

A dental crown can help to prevent and treat a variety of dental problems, so it is beneficial to your overall oral health. If you require a crown, it is important to select the best type of dental crown for your situation. There are many types of dental crowns available, and at Oakdale Dental, we can help with all types. Contact us today at 413-536-1782 to schedule an appointment.

How Long Does A Dental Crown Last?

A dental crown is a tooth replacement that restores the function, feel, and look of your smile. Dentists can use crowns to restore and save a tooth that has significant damage. In this procedure, they remove all of the decay and infection, then use a crown to restore the original shape of the tooth. 

Dentists also use crowns as part of a dental implant. They do this procedure when a tooth is so decayed that they cannot save it. The tooth is extracted and then replace with an implant. The implant consists of three parts: 

The parts can all last different lengths of time. No matter why you’re getting a crown, knowing how long it should last can help you plan for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. 

Average Lifespan of a Dental Crown

You can expect a dental crown to last about 12 to 15 years with typical use. At this point, the material could break or the connections could get worn down. However, with excellent care, crowns can last 25 years or more. 

In general, insurance companies expect that crowns will last at least five years. As such, they may not pay to replace a crown that has not been on your tooth for at least five years. However, they usually will cover a replacement crown after that point. Check with your insurance to be sure.

Why Do Dental Crowns Break

Unlike natural teeth, crowns do not decay. While porcelain and metal crowns are both extremely durable, they can break. If a dental crown has a crack or chip of any kind in it, it needs to be replaced. Cracks and chips can occur when you have an injury involving the mouth or if you chew something too hard. 

Other signs that your crown needs to be replaced include:

If you have any of these symptoms, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

How to Care for a Dental Crown

How you care for your dental crown can play a large role in how long it lasts. To ensure your crown lasts as long as possible:

Dental Crowns in Holyoke, MA

One major factor in how long a dental crown can last is the skill of the dentist who does the procedure. Doctor Manohar A. Lalchandani, DDS, MAGD is proud to have extensive experience in many areas of dentistry, including crowns. He even earned the prestigious Academy of General Dentistry – Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), a distinction that only one percent of dentists achieve. 

If you want the best dentist and team placing your crowns, contact us today. We can schedule your consultation and get you on your way to having your healthiest, happiest smile.